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The winery that is third our list could be the Wilson Creek Winery. The major reason for this choose is their roomy out-of-doors. Wilson Creek has one of the largest & most areas that are beautiful sit and sip wine in all for the Temecula Valley.

The winery that is fourth start thinking about is the Callaway Winery. Selecting Callaway offer the most fantastic views of this Temecula Valley. This winery sits upon a hilltop where you'll get nearly a view that is 360-degree. Callaway ended up being one of many very first wineries to establish it self in the Temecula Valley in 1969.

Number five of our winery stops will be the Los Angeles Vindemia Vineyard Estate Winery. Vindemia is Latin for harvest or vintage. This style that is european winery operated by David & Gail Bradley is unlike many more into the valley. They started with a balloon business called "California Dreamin Balloon Adventures". David started off as a balloon operator. He was very unaware of what to talk about when he would fly over the vineyards. In doing research David and Gail bought some land in the Temecula Valley and built the Los Angeles Vindemia Vineyard Estate Winery. If you drop by this winery that is wonderful ready to spend significant amounts of your entire day here.
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7. Cuba

Cuba, most known for its tropical weather and clear blue waters is among the most readily useful locations for seniors. Havana, Cuba's capital, holds most of the culture and history that the Caribbean that is entire has offer. If there's specific interest in spanish culture that is colonial Cuba could be the destination to get.

8. Sicily, Italy

Located in the centre of the Mediterranean water, Sicily offers spectacular views for the ocean and also the Valley of this Temples. Not just that, but seniors can go wine-tasting and feast on unique dishes that are sicilian well as pizza, of course.