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Escape the city early and arrive in Peekskill in time for "hoppy hour" ($5 per 20 ounce pint; $1 raw oysters) at Peekskill Brewery, in a 7,000 square foot space two blocks from Metro North. Equally worthy, the Birdsall House takes its name from a local boardinghouse frequented by George Washington; it has an antique cash register, live music on weekends and an excellent craft beer list. While in town, drop into Bruised Apple Books, with a section devoted to the Hudson Valley's past and present, a pulp mystery reading room and a vinyl record listening station..

slate flooring tiles "She was just first class, as a person and a lawyer," said John Tatum, a partner at HunterMaclean. "The law firm had a retreat the weekend before she went missing and Liz, being a pilot, had flown her plane down to Brunswick and back on Sunday. She didn't come into the office on Monday morning.slate flooring tiles

Marble Countertop Dreaming of a fresh way to update your home Look no farther than your kitchen wall. A striking new backsplash may be the answer. While it can be part of a major kitchen redo, it doesn't have to be. Tuesday, Granite Tile October 15, 2013 Cold Lake Sun 25 5 tips for first time homebuyers Unlike renting, buying a house is a financial investment that can appreciate substantially over time. Linda White Special to QMI Agency Thanks to historically low interest rates, now may be a prudent time for first time homebuyers to get a foot on the property ladder. But do your homework before taking the leap to that first rung.Marble Countertop

Granite Tile Although few people realize it, 1869 was a landmark year in genetic research, because it was the year in which Swiss physiological chemist Friedrich Miescher first identified what he called "nuclein" inside the nuclei of human white blood cells. (The term "nuclein" was later changed to "nucleic acid" and eventually to "deoxyribonucleic acid," or "DNA.") Miescher's plan was to isolate and characterize not the nuclein (which nobody at that time realized existed) but instead the protein components of leukocytes (white blood cells). Miescher thus made arrangements for a local surgical clinic to send him used, pus coated patient bandages; once he received the bandages, he planned to wash them, filter out the leukocytes, and extract and identify the various proteins within the white blood cells.Granite Tile Tile

Marble Countertop In his appeal, Schweder argued, among other things, because he was complying with California medical marijuana laws, his guilty plea was not knowingly and voluntarily entered and he should be allowed to withdraw his guilty plea. Of the argument is over what the appropriate remedy should be if Schweder conduct was consistent with California law. Ultimately, the Ninth Circuit to the district court to determine whether Schweder complied with California law..Marble Countertop

Granite Tile slab Patrick Devlin, one of three co owning brothers responsible for Seattle based Db3 Corporation, provides a look inside of their 25,000 square foot facility Thursday, Aug. 7, 2014, in Seattle, Wash. Db3 was the first company in the state to produce and process marijuana infused edible products, such as baked goods, chews, energy drinks and drink additives all under the brand name "Zoots." The edible products could make it onto store shelves as early as September 2014.Granite slab

Marble Tile "I thank Mark and the committee for their work," Mayor Kim McMillan said. "Frank Sutton remains a 'favorite son' of our community and Granite Tile this is a fitting tribute to him. He gave distinguished service to our country, and by all accounts, Nano stone he was always fond Clarksville, and remained true to his relatives and roots here.".Marble Tile

slate flooring tiles Currently, blockchain enabled exchanges can only handle approximately 20 transactions per second, which is far slower than real time bidding.4. Augmented Reality becomes sales realityIn 2018, brands will rush, en masse, to create AR apps that let consumers engage with virtual versions of their products from testing whether a product might fit in their home and then immediately purchasing it, to virtual cosmetics and fashion apps that allow customers to 'try before they buy'.Developments in mobile AR tech will allow brands to quickly adopt new techniques. This enables brands that previously used aspirational advertising to bring their customers inside stores and showrooms to now provide an easy way to immediately visualise what that one big purchase, such as a new car, might look like.AR a market expected to reach $61.3 billion by 2023 (source: Research Markets) will also unlock a new treasure trove of data for advertisers, allowing brands to test and create 'concept products and gauge interest from real consumers engaging with virtual items.5 slate flooring tiles.